Auto Transportation

Auto transport companies ship vehicles via large transport trucks both locally and long distance. Car shipping services are extremely helpful for the following situations:

  • You purchased a car online and don’t want to pick it up.
  • You need to ship cars to or from a car dealership.
  • You need to ship a car to your summer or winter home.
  • You need to ship a car to college in another city or state.
  • You need to ship a vehicle to a classic or exotic car show.

Purchasing Auto Transport Services

Most auto transport companies provide free online quotes to give customers an idea of how much their services cost. Typically, auto shipping costs vary depending on the distance the vehicle is being shipped, the size and weight of the vehicle, the method of transport, and the condition of the vehicle.

Of course, vehicles being shipped in-state, or a distance of less than a hundred miles, will receive the lowest rates. On the other hand, shipping a car across the country is much more expensive, and may well cost more than $1,000 due to the time involved and the cost of gas for such a long trip. On the same token, larger, heavier vehicles take up more room on shipping trucks, and weigh the vehicle down, thus increasing fuel costs. Expect to pay more when you ship a full-sized truck compared to the average sedan.

Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Auto transporters utilize a variety of car shipping methods to move cars. Most commonly, vehicles are shipped on open car haulers, which generally features two decks of cars exposed to the elements. However, for car owners that want to avoid exposing their vehicle to possibly hazardous road conditions for extended periods of time, enclosed auto transportation involves using enclosed carrier trucks with limited storage space to haul cars. Though vehicles in enclosed carriers enjoy additional protection and care, the cost of this moving service is considerably more than open auto transport.

Always expect to pay more to ship a car that is not running than a vehicle in good condition. Be sure to inform the car transport company upfront if your car is not operational, otherwise, the shipper may refuse to haul it to its destination.

Avoid Shipping Scams

Research several auto transport companies and get comparison quotes before you decide which carrier to hire. They must be licensed, bonded and insured to legally transport your car. However, many smaller companies may skirt the law by avoiding these requirements. If your vehicle is damaged, lost, or stolen while in the possession of an unlicensed and uninsured transporter, you may end up having little recourse. Use the FMCSA and the Better Business Bureau to verify licensing facts for every car transporter. Logo
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