Cardinal Moving Systems

At Cardinal Moving Systems, your trust is their top priority. They offer services for Arizona, Colorado, Washington, California, and Hawaii. They also ship to Canada and overseas. They offer land and sea shipping, and will help you with any local or international moves. They will do anything they can to make your moving process as stress-free as possible. They will help you complete any documentation that’s needed thanks to the work of relocation specialists trained to plan your move.

Go online to, and fill out a free estimate to get started and receive an all-inclusive price. Cardinal Moving Systems reviews your estimate, and calculates one according to the size of your move and the destination you are shipping to. When you choose them as your moving company, they will act as your moving planners. They will help you start planning from 8 weeks before your move, until the final moving day.

Cardinal Moving Systems Services

Moving companies want to offer their customers with as much help as possible and a service that customers can trust. It is clear that hiring a moving company with experience will reduce your worries, and increases the likelihood of a fast and efficient move. Using a relocation company with professional help makes the process much easier. They offer:

  • Local and Long Distance Moves
  • Personal and Business Moving
  • Packing Guide
  • International Shipping
  • Storage Facilities
  • Auto Transport
  • Worldwide Door-to-Door Shipping

Why Choose Cardinal Moving Systems for Your Move?

When it comes to hiring long distance relocation companies, you can be sure that Cardinal Moving Systems can customize your move to suit you needs. From the truck size you will need, to the crew that will be right for you, Cardinal Moving Systems reviews everything you need. Take a look at the packing tips they have for you online to get started with packing. They can even build you custom wooden crates for large, and fragile items.

This is a company that wants you to understand every aspect of an interstate move every step of the way. Their philosophy is that you should understand and be a part of your entire move. Are you moving long distance, but need to store your belongings first? They offer storage facilities, with one month of free storage as a customer courtesy! Not only can you ship your household or business belongings, but you can transport your automobile as well. They are trained in shipping everything from cars, trucks, tractors, and even buses. This is a moving company you can trust, with professional experience, and a dedicated staff.

Compare Moving Quotes and Save

Compare several moving companies and receive free estimates and quotes here on When you review Cardinal Moving Systems, be sure to check for any special offers and discounts. You can obtain many free moving quotes AND save up to 50% on your relocation service by comparing moving companies here online.

Contact Information

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Phoenix, AZ 85043

US DOT number: 1463484
MC number: 552894