Full Service Movers

If you’ve never used a professional moving company before, you might wonder what full service movers actually do. Compared to self moving, which usually entails renting a moving truck, packing and lifting everything yourself, a full-service mover will handle everything for you. Most companies offer white glove packing, loading and delivery, though they will also allow customers to purchase service piecemeal.

Hiring Full Service Movers

When hiring full service movers, customers should always investigate the recommendations and reputations of the moving company – especially if you are considering paying a premium for a white glove service that ensures the safe delivery of your goods. Always investigate the company by doing the following research:

  • View the full-service mover’s Better Business Bureau rating. Any grade below B may indicate the possibility of future problems with this company.
  • Investigate the FMCSA company snapshot to ensure they are properly licensed and registered. The snapshot will also provide information regarding any recent crashes and inspections in the United States and Canada.
  • Read moving company reviews on our website or on the company’s site (if available).

Also, consider asking for customer referrals. Always verify that the company includes guarantees regarding on-time, safe delivery.

Protecting Your Household Items

Although a full-service mover will almost always take additional steps to protect your furniture, such as wrapping it in a protective plastic wrap, it’s a good idea to purchase insurance for any valuable items being moved. Verify whether the mover you have chosen includes a substantial insurance policy as part of your moving package, or if you can purchase one at an additional cost. Otherwise, ask your homeowners insurance company for more options to insure your household goods.

Finally, always be sure to inform the full-service moving company about any special needs that you may have. Movers have to take additional steps to lift and transport items like grand pianos, slate pool tables, or large fish tanks. Letting them know ahead of time ensures they can pool the necessary resources to move just about anything safely and expediently.

Learn more about full service moving services before you get your free quotes!