Long Distance Business Movers

Business relocation is a commonplace activity that may be a result of a company buyout, changing local tax laws and business restrictions, and brand re-shaping, among many other reasons. Long distance corporate moving companies are available to help with large-scale moves.

Of course, if you are responsible for organizing the shipment of company property from one location to another, be ready to provide corporate movers with information, including:

  • Do you know the exact date of your move?
    If you do, this will make it a lot easier when getting office moving estimates from long distance movers. Keep in mind that moves are typically more expensive during the peak season and weekends for obvious reasons. If you can be flexible with your moving dates, you can get the best deals on your company move. However, as businesses don’t often have the time to wait, request that the moving date be as near as possible.
  • Do you need your company cars shipped as well?
    If so, ask the long distance movers if they offer auto transport services. This, of course, will be an extra charge, but it is much more convenient that attempting to hire employees to drive the vehicles to their new location themselves.
  • Do you need to storage for your furniture and belongings?
    Many professional long distance movers offer storage facilities at a nominal charge. Ask for prices when you get your quote.
  • Are you going to do the packing yourself?
    Most companies don’t have the time to pack everything themselves. Hiring full service office movers to pack things for you can save you money and hours of effort from your employees, increasing productivity.

Armed with this information, your company is now ready to get comparison quotes from several different long distance business movers. Get at least three quotes from the different moving companies and compare them. You may notice that prices will vary from company to company and by services provided. If your company is on a budget, services like packing and unpacking may not be ideal for you. While these moving services will certainly save you time, you may save money by opting not to get them.

Choosing long distance corporate moving companies for your move should not be a mystery. Learn more about long distance moving services before you get your free corporate relocation quote. Fill out our easy, no obligation form on our site to compare some of the top long distance business movers around.