Compare Free Moving Quotes & Save Up to 50%

Moving companies can take a huge load off your shoulders when it comes to planning and executing your move. On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to be involved in your move, there are services that can be done by you, and then completed by a mover. Getting moving quotes from a handful of companies can help you find the best movers with just the services you need! You can save as much as 50% on your move at!

Get free moving estimates from both long distance movers and local moving companies right here at! Once you get several moving company quotes, you will need to compare pricing and services. Know that the moving industry has several unique terms that you may be unfamiliar with. A bill of lading, for instance, is a receipt and contract that is provided by the moving company that you will sign for the transportation of your goods. If you are comparing moving rates and services and have questions about the terms, contact a moving company directly or visit our FAQ page for more information.

Factors That Determine Your Moving Quote

When you get moving quotes online, you are getting an estimate of the total moving costs. Naturally, the quote will factor in whether you are making a local move, which costs less than a long-distance move, or even an international move. Whether you choose to have additional services added to the move will also be factored in. For example, if you want the movers to pack and unpack your belongings, there will be an extra charge added to the estimate. There are additional services such as furniture setup, storage, auto transport, and more. These services were created to help make the move more convenient for homeowners, but they will cost extra to have done.

The time of year of your move will play a big role in what your moving company quotes will, ultimately, be. For instance, if you move during the summer, you can expect to pay more for your move than if you moved any other time during the year. This is because the summer time is considered the peak season for house movers. If you can move during the fall, you may find it will be cheaper to do so. Moving rates are also influenced by gas prices, which are often highest in the late spring and summer months.

Local moves are usually charged hourly rates, while long-distance moves are, typically, charged by weight of the shipment. Local movers also base their prices on the number of crew members needed for a job. Distance is a factor regardless of the type of move you choose, but is particularly important to determining a long distance move rate.

Regardless of the type of move you choose, quotes, like delivery dates, are rarely guaranteed. Final prices may go up depending on circumstances beyond the driver’s control, including rising gas prices, unexpected requirements for packing specialty items, and other unforeseeable reasons.

After you obtain your free moving quotes and choose a company that will offer the best moving service, you can begin preparing for your moving day.