Compare Free Office Moving Quotes & Save Up to 50%

When it comes time to move, you are likely going to be looking at a number of corporate relocation quotes either on the internet or in your own research. Finding these quotes on the net is the easiest way to compare multiple office moving rates at once. Still, you might feel unprepared to adequately compare multiple moving quotes for businesses .

How are Corporate Moving Quotes Calculated?

There are quite a few ways that moving companies quotes are determined for various customers. It is really dependent upon the individual company, because each of them will have their own set of criteria to figure out exactly how much to charge customers. However, most corporate relocation quotes will be charged primarily based on the total weight of the objects being moved, as well as the distance from one office to the other. Local moves, quite obviously, are provided at lower rates than long distance moves.

Are Quotes Determined by Weight?

Many companies today are using weight as the determining factor for how much they charge. That is not to say that all corporate moving companies are going to use weight, though. Some of them will go by number of items, so that they understand just how long it is going to take them to move your furniture from the old business, to the truck, and then to the new office. Weight is a good factor to use, because it gives them an idea of what size moving truck they need and also what equipment they will need. Likewise, they will want to know just how many men it is going to take in order to get the job done. To move an entire business, companies may have to subcontract additional workers to complete the move in a timely fashion. Expect both weight and number of items to be important factors in determining a the moving costs of a business move.

What if I Need to Ship an Unusual Item?

If you have a heavy machinery or other weighty equipment that will require special assistance, you need to inform the moving company ahead of time to allow them to adequately prepare to move it. Typically, the moving companies will handle these things on a case by case basis, and their ability to help you will depend upon their schedule and their available equipment. Always expect to pay extra in these situations.

What Additional Fees are Included in Office Moving Quotes?

In many instances, moving companies will include their insurance coverage in the quote. If you want to have some sort of protection for your office supplies and furniture in case of an accident, then you will have to pay for it. The insurance companies quotes will be included in your initial quote, as well as any other moving services that they may provide.

When Should I Get Moving Quotes for a Corporate Relocation?

The predictable answer is, right away. However, corporate moving quotes are influenced by the time of year you plan to relocate. Most movers are busiest during the summer months, which means their prices will be much higher during this time. While the cost of moving offices may not be a leading factor in planning a move, consider moving during the winter months if you want to save your company some extra money.

Consider that, when you get free business relocation quotes online, they are convenient sources of information. Business moving rates help companies plan their moves accordingly, while saving time and easing the stress of administrators, who might otherwise be planning the move much more slowly. As time is money in the business world, get corporate relocation quotes from several companies and save up to 50% on your move!