Moving Supplies

Packing your belongings yourself is a great way to save, plus you have the added advantage of being able to go through your possessions and move only what you really need! Choosing the proper packing supplies will help you tremendously. Top quality moving supplies will help to protect your household or office items, and are specially designed for optimum protection of your goods.

As you pack, be sure to take just a few moments to take inventory of the items you are packing in each box or container. This will help you when you unpack at your new location. Be sure to label each box with high quality permanent markers or labels, and, perhaps, add a notecard in each box (or even attached to the outside of the box) with your inventory list. When purchasing the packing supplies for your move, you may want to consider choosing from among the following top-notch products:

  • Bubble Wrap
    Carefully wrap your valuables, glass and fragile items in bubble wrap to protect them in transit.
  • Shrink Wrap
    Use rolls of this wrap to protect furniture from dust, dirt and scratches.
  • Packing Tape
    This is quite essential when choosing moving supplies; choose the highest quality, most durable tape to prevent boxes from splitting during your move.
  • Packing Paper
    Instead of using newspapers that leave ink on your possessions and hands, use packing paper to wrap items and fill in spaces between items packed in boxes so that they don’t shift while being moved.
  • Moving Blankets
    Protect your furniture that cannot be boxed with strong moving blankets. They are great for use in long-term storage, too.
  • Paper Moving Pads
    They are an economical way to protect your valuables from dirt and scratches. Choose triple-cushioned pads for the best protection.
  • Mattress Covers
    Mattress covers are an essential for preventing stains, and protecting your mattress and box spring from dirt and dust when moving or storing.
  • Sturdy Moving Boxes
    Boxes come in many sizes and can help you simplify your move. Choose from small to large sized boxes, plus wardrobe, kitchen and file moving boxes.

When packing yourself, remember these tips when purchasing your packing supplies:

  1. Pack as much as you can into boxes. Use packing paper to fill spaces and prevent shifting of contents.
  2. Place heavier items at the bottom of boxes, and lighter items on top.
  3. Use small boxes for heavy items for easier lifting.
  4. Lightweight items can be placed in larger boxes; be sure to properly protect valuables with bubble wrap.
  5. Choose moving supplies that are made from strong, durable materials.

Remember, one of the most important steps in the moving process is wrapping and protecting your possessions properly from the start!