Tips for Choosing a Corporate Relocation Company

When the time comes to move from one office to another, choosing a corporate relocation company can certainly cause some serious anxiety for the person in charge.  How do you find office movers who are trustworthy, honest and careful with your company’s most prized possessions?  How do you know they are truly relocation experts?  Below are several important moving tips to consider when choosing a business mover.

  • Think through all of your company needs. Determine the additional services you might need besides the general move, such as assistance with packing, storage units, auto transport for company vehicles, handling of sensitive items, and artwork crating.
  • Evaluate your options. You should get quotes from at least three different corporate relocation companies to ensure that you are not paying too much or receiving an unrealistic low-ball proposal. Have your list prepared with of all of the important points relating to your move.
  • Identify the moving companies that specialize in corporate relocation. This goes beyond the obvious local movers or long distance movers. Make sure you confirm the experience of the movers with moving large-scale office supplies. How many moving trucks will you need? Do you save money by using more small trucks, or fewer large moving vehicles?
  • Get the right price. Most moving companies will insist that they do a walk through prior to delivering an office moving quote – this is very important.  Movers must see how many flights of stairs you have, the presence of narrow hallways, the weight of items, and the distance from the exit point of the office building to the moving truck bay doors.  All of these factors contribute to the price.  The time it takes to assemble and properly secure all the office goods will be factored into the final cost unless you pack them yourself. Be sure to get any quotes in writing, and find out what circumstances could cause the estimated price to increase.

Ask the Right Questions

Finally, consider asking moving companies the following questions when preparing for your business relocation.

  1. Can they provide references from their last 3-5 corporate moves?
  2. What type of insurance coverage do they have for your items?
  3. How many people will be assigned to your move?  Does the company have enough people available to move your office supplies in a quick and efficient manner?
  4. Can they explain the moving costs in detail, including asking whether they charge by weight, by the hour, or by a composite of both figures.
  5. What insurance rates do they offer? Can they adequately cover the full value of all your office goods, or will you have to purchase additional insurance separately?

For peace of mind, it’s always a good idea to go online and search for moving company reviews and ratings about the experiences others have had with your potential moving choice.  Don’t forget to check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that no formal complaints have been lodged against any of the movers you are considering. Choosing a corporate moving company may not be an easy process, but comparing quotes online helps people find the best price on moving services.